Microsoft moves in on cable TV - Microsoft is planning to sell new software to cable TV companies in an effort to gain a stronger foothold in the industry.

ABC News reports that an university student was sued by the RIAA over his website '' although it was not a music file sharing software but a campus-wide search engine, RIAA took this student's life savings as settlement... abuse of power, anyone? (spotted at /.)

Tech-Report puts three 10k RPM Hard Drives head to head, let's remember WD's Raptor drives finally brought the category to the masses via S-ATA.

Chipmaking giant Intel is considering the creation of a separate consumer brand for processors used in portable devices as it battles Motorola for market and mind share.

TheTechZone has posted an editorial written by Lindows' CEO (not that he will admit any fair competition anyway) on Microsoft business practices, though what about WinXP for $50?

AMDBoard takes a look to what could be the first dual Opteron mobo with an AGP 8x slot.