Amazon not only wants to sell you a new 4K television, Nest thermostat or a replacement battery for your notebook, it wants to lend a hand installing them.

The e-commerce giant is trialing a new marketplace for service providers called Selling Services aimed at pairing buyers with professionals that can install or otherwise perform all sorts of services. Here's how it works.

Shoppers looking to purchase a product that needs installation will be offered the opportunity to check out a list of approved service providers in the area. If you find a service that fits your needs, simply click the Add to Cart button to include it in your purchase.

Work performed by an Amazon-approved handyman will be covered by a money-back guarantee. What's more, Amazon will run a business background check for all service providers and personal background checks on technicians.

There are a number of reasons why contractors would want to participate. First, they don't have to pay for leads or provide on-site estimates / handle sales calls that often end up being a waste of time. Contractors set their own price and only pay Amazon for completed orders.

Amazon is currently waiving background check fees for contractors through January 31, 2015, and monthly subscription fees through June 30, 2015. After those dates, Amazon will collect 20 percent of the service fee on jobs of up to $1,000 and 15 percent on jobs costing more than $1,000. Background checks will run $50 per business and $40 per participating employee.

The beta is currently active in over a dozen cities and surrounding areas.

If the service takes off, it'd most certainly be bad news for the Angie's Lists and Yelps of the world.