As someone that has never been a morning person, the dreaded sound of an alarm clock is probably the least pleasant way to start my day. I do alright if another person is around to wake me up but that luxury isn't always at my disposal.

An app called Wakie, however, could certainly better my odds of being woken up by another human.

Described as a social alarm clock, Wakie lets those needing to get up at a specific time - sleepyheads - set the date and time for their "alarm." When the time comes, the app will search for someone that is awake - Wakies, as they are called - and initiate an incoming call.

It'd no doubt be a bit awkward to get a call from a complete stranger each morning but for some, it's better than the alternative of a blaring alarm. And who knows, perhaps you'll meet some interesting people in the process or even strike up a friendship.

In the event there are no Wakies to call you, the app will play an automated message instead.

Wakie co-founder and CEO Hrachik Adjamian said a lot of people keep hitting the snooze button on their alarm clocks, making it harder to wake up. According to their research, a one-minute conversation with a stranger wakes up the brain with a 99 percent guarantee. That's impressive when you consider how easy it is to simply hit the snooze button and accidentally fall back asleep.

Wakie has been available for Android and Windows Phone for quite some time but just debuted on iOS. It's available free of charge although the company is planning a premium version that'll include benefits like longer calls and the ability to pick the gender of the person you connect to.