Microsoft's Windows 10 media event is still a couple of weeks away - plenty of time for the Internet to speculate as to what might be shown at the company's Redmond campus on January 21.

One of the most anticipated new features of Windows 10 is a new web browser codenamed Spartan. We've heard of this Internet Explorer alternative before but until now, there hasn't been much news to report on it.

That's all changed, however, as sources familiar with the matter have spilled a few details to The Verge.

For starters, Spartan is expected to arrive with a new annotation feature that'll allow stylus users to mark up a webpage and even e-mail a copy to a friend or colleague. Naturally, this feature will be powered by Microsoft's OneDrive.

Another major feature in Spartan is Cortana integration. This shouldn't be too much of a surprise as Microsoft's voice assistant is known to be coming to its next operating system but having it right in a browser could be handy for quick web searches and the like.

The publication also mentions a few other useful-sounding features such as the ability to group tabs together to cut down on multiple tab clutter. Users will be able to decide how the groupings work so, for example, one could have a group of work tabs alongside sites opened for personal use.

All eyes will be on Microsoft later this month as they provide even more details regarding Windows 10 and hopefully, Spartan.