Microsoft has made two app-related announcements today, the first of which concerns their widely used email application, Outlook. For the first time, Outlook will be available on iOS and Android thanks to their acquisition of mobile email startup Acompli, which cost the company an estimated $200 million in December last year.

The Outlook client for both mobile platforms supports Exchange,, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail as well as general standards-based accounts. The app's interface will allow you to easily sort through emails, using swipe gestures to delete, flag, mark as read and archive. Meeting invitations can also be quickly accepted, rejected or rescheduled from within the app.

The new Outlook client for iOS and Android should be available through the App Store and Play Store today.

On a similar note, Microsoft has announced that Office for Android has now been finalized, and will be available through the Play Store in the coming hours. A beta version of the app has been available publicly since earlier this month, although select beta testers have had access since November last year.

Although Microsoft considers Office for Android feature complete, the system requirements still leave out a number of users. Tablets are still the only class of devices supported, and you'll need a screen size of between 7 and 10.1 inches to get free access (larger tablets will need an Office 365 subscription). You'll also need to be running Android 4.4, have an ARM-based tablet, and at least 1 GB of RAM.

Microsoft says that Office for Android isn't yet optimized for Android 5.0, although they're working on supporting the latest OS in a future update. Tablets with Intel's x86 SoCs inside will also be natively supported in a future version.