Uber has faced a number of challenges lately, including lawsuits and bans in several US states, privacy issues, and reports of sabotaging competitors. But the biggest challenge for the taxi-like company may come from Google, who are reportedly developing a competitor to Uber.

According to Bloomberg, Google's chief legal officer David Drummond has revealed the possibility of a Google-made competitor to Uber's board, which he is a member of. Several Uber executives have allegedly seen screenshots of a ride-sharing app Google is developing as well, currently in use by some Google employees.

It's possible that Google wants to launch their Uber competitor with a fleet of self-driving cars from the company's driverless car program, which has been in development for years. However there are still numerous legal hurdles to jump over before this could become possible, as driverless cars aren't legal street vehicles yet in most areas.

Google also so happens to be a major investor in Uber: Google Ventures invested $258 million back in August 2013. If Google decides to launch a competitor to Uber, they would be left without a major partner that could have assisted with the company's own push to self driving cars.

Neither Google nor Uber are publicly commenting on Google's ride-sharing venture at this stage, and it seems Google might not be launching their service any time soon. If the company can get driverless taxis on the road, though, ride-sharing services might suddenly become very cheap.