If you're running the Windows 10 Technical Preview, Microsoft has launched preview versions of the long-awaited Office touch applications that you can download right now from the Windows Store.

Microsoft says that the touch version of Office currently supports PCs, with a version for tablets and phones set to be released in the coming weeks. It's unclear what version for tablets Microsoft is referring to, as the listings in the Windows Store indicate each app supports x86/64 and ARM devices, and they work perfectly on tablets like the Surface Pro 2, though it could be an error on their part.

The touch-based Office suite for Windows 10 currently contains lightweight versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, similar to versions already available for Android and iOS. The apps contain a subset of the features available in the full, desktop-optimized versions of Office, and lack keyboard and mouse support.

That said, the touch versions of Office are perfect for light editing and creation on the go. The touch-friendly interface forgoes small, hard-to-hit buttons and drop down menus, making it the obvious choice for small tablets and other touch devices without keyboard docks.

Downloading and using these apps is free for now, though in the final version, some features will be restricted to those with Office 365 subscriptions. To try them out right now, make sure you're running the Windows 10 Technical Preview, then head to the Windows Store listings for either Word, Excel or PowerPoint.