Apple and Tesla have very little in common with each other with regard to the types of products they produce: one churns out mobile gadgets and computers while the other specializes in building electric vehicles.

Looks can be deceiving, however, as these two polar opposites have been actively competing with each over for years - not for customers, but employees.

A recent report from Bloomberg highlights the fact that Tesla has hired more employees from Apple than from any other company, even rival automakers. At least 150 staffers have defected to Tesla, filling all sorts of roles in engineering and HR to its legal department.

Those interviewed say their decision to leave Apple for Tesla was based on its cars and its CEO. Much like Apple co-founder Steve Jobs did, Musk has an obsession with attention to detail and a bit of a volatile temper.

It's traits like these that are responsible for attracting the same kind of employees that Apple does, one Silicon Valley recruiter said. A former Tesla employee said Musk is a huge Apple admirer and even welcomes comparisons between himself and Jobs.

According to Musk, Apple has been trying very hard to recruit some of his company's finest to come work on the next iSomething. In addition to a $250,000 signing bonus, the Cupertino-based company is also reportedly offering select employees a 60 percent salary increase.

So far, they've only succeeded in poaching very few people, Musk said.