Anki, the robotic and artificial intelligence startup that first raced onto the scene during Apple's worldwide developers conference in 2013, has announced the next generation of its surprisingly popular racing game called Anki Overdrive.

For those unfamiliar, Anki's first game allowed players to steer a Matchbox-style car along a predetermined track using your smartphone. Gamers could race against the A.I. or line up against their friends so long as they also had a phone and a car to control.

At $149, it may sound a bit silly and expensive but consumers couldn't get enough of the tech during the holidays. According to Anki, it was the second best-selling toy on Amazon during the holidays (a Frozen doll beat it out). In fact, the company completely exhausted its inventory a full 10 days before Christmas.

The concept has taken a leap forward with Overdrive.

The starter kit includes something that users have been asking for since day one: modular tracks. Each section snaps together to the next using magnets. The new kit, which will also sell for $149, will include enough bits of track to create eight different layouts. If that isn't enough, there are expansion packs (priced between $10 and $30) that include jumps, U-turns and a four-way intersection to really spice up the action.

If you have kids or perhaps enjoyed playing with slot cars back in the day, Anki will likely appeal to you.