Between the launch of Neil Young's PonoPlayer, Sony resurrecting its Walkman as a high-resolution audio player, Philips announcing headphones that use Apple's lightning connector, news that Windows 10 will include native FLAC support and Tidal launching in the US (whew), audiophiles have had a lot of things go their way over the past year or so.

Ask any audiophile about their passion and you'll get the same comments over and over: it's expensive. Sony's latest accessory for music lovers is no exception.

The accessory I'm referring to is a microSD memory card. But not just any memory card; this is a storage device for those that appreciate premium sound. You're probably already wondering (as was I) what constitutes a premium sound memory card.

According to Sony, their upcoming 64GB SR-64HXA micro SDXC memory card is designed to reduce electrical noise when data is being read from it. In theory, this would offer better sound quality compared to a standard card but whether or not it'll make a noticeable difference - or even if customers will have any interest in it - remains to be seen.

Admittedly, Sony said they weren't sure about the product's potential demand but they think audiophiles might be willing to give it a shot.

The card will go on sale next month for around $160, or roughly five times more than a standard card with the same amount of storage commands. It will no doubt be a tough sell at that price but if you're already spending hundreds or even thousands on high-end audio gear and music, what's an extra $160 going to hurt?