Panasonic has unveiled an impressive looking security camera that has the potential to upend the current industry go-to, Dropcam.

The Nubo, as it's being called, will be more versatile than most thanks to its use of 4G LTE. The camera will ship with a SIM card and a data plan although users can forego any monthly charges by utilizing a local Wi-Fi network instead (assuming it's within range of where you want to position the camera).

The camera will be able to capture images at up to 1080p quality at 30 frames per second for local Wi-Fi streaming and 720p / 10fps when cloud streaming. All video is encrypted using 4096-bit SSL keys.

Panasonic says the lens will capture a 140-degree field of view with infrared illumination for recording at night. Whenever motion is detected, Panasonic will send the user an alert with a screenshot of what was captured.

The camera also includes a microSD card slot for onboard storage of images and video clips. It'll primarily be run by AC power although Panasonic is planning to release a USB battery pack for mobile use (during travel or while camping, for example).

Another advantage that Panasonic's solution will have over the competition is weatherproofing. Despite its mostly plastic construction material, the device will carry an IP-66 certification against dust and water. If you want to mostly use it indoors, the Bluetooth and ZigBee radios will help you integrate it into your connected home.

Panasonic expects to launch the Nubo security camera in Europe by the fourth quarter before a US debut sometime early next year. Pricing hasn't been finalized although the company said it wants to come in around the $250 mark. The optional 4G data plan will set owners back around $7 to $10 per month.