The selfie stick has become quite popular among those looking to take photos of themselves and friends. But it appears the move to push out the extension poles is continuing to pick up steam as more and more public organizations and event locations place bans on products of that nature.

Soccer stadiums in Europe have already placed bans on selfie sticks and now several museums around the world are following suit. In many cases, it appears the reasoning is simply due to fear of precious artworks being damaged. 

On top of a number of other establishments looking into the issue like Versailles palace and Centre Pompidou, the Smithsonian recently placed a band on selfie poles that went into effect as of last week. Reports suggest visitors are being asked to leave selfie poles concealed at the Louvre as well.

It doesn't stop there though. Other major establishments and museums that have placed a ban on selfie poles include MOMA and the Met in New York, the National Gallery in Washington DC, Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Art in Seattle and the Getty Center in LA. 

In some cases the ban is simply an extension of existing rules that prevent photography umbrellas, large tripods and other equipment, but there is also "the obnoxious factor" at play here, as one museum spokesperson put it.

Image via Shutterstock