Tesla boss Elon Musk recently took to Twitter to reveal that his company plans to unveil a new product line soon. What we’ll see on April 30 won’t be a car but something entirely new. But what exactly could he be referring to?

If I was a betting man, I’d put my money on it being a home battery system – the very one Musk talked about during an earnings call earlier this year.

During said call, Musk described a home battery system based on the company’s lithium-ion technology that could be used both at home and in businesses. With the design reportedly complete, Musk said production would get under way within the next six months. Perhaps things are running ahead of schedule?

While not an entirely original idea, a home-based battery pack could be useful in a number of difference scenarios. One idea is that the home battery could draw power from a connected Tesla car. It wouldn't suck the juice dry from the car, but perhaps just sip a little bit of power each day. Considering electricity is free to Tesla owners at Supercharger stations, one could potentially put a dent in their monthly electric bill.

Such a system could also be useful in the event of a power outage. People living off the grid may also be able to use it to store energy collected from solar panels.

We’ll find out more about Tesla’s next big project by the end of April.

Image via Bloomberg