One of Microsoft’s best Windows Phone apps is now available for Android and iOS. I’m referring to Office Lens, the app that essentially turns your mobile device into a portable scanner.

For those not up to speed, Office Lens uses the camera on your smartphone or tablet to capture text from documents, business cards, receipts, menus, whiteboards, Post-it notes and more via optical recognition technology (ORC) – the same technology that traditional scanners have been using for many years.

Images are also grabbed as part of the process and because it uses OCR, you’ll be able to search for a scan by keyword in OneNote or OneDrive.

What’s more, the app automatically crops and enhances scans and can convert documents and whiteboard notes into Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and PDF files. Scans of business cards, meanwhile, can automatically generate contacts in your phonebook if you so choose.

The move obviously represents Microsoft’s (and more specifically, Satya Nadella’s) continued efforts to embrace platforms outside of the Windows wheelhouse.

Office Lens is available for iPhone free of charge through the App Store. Microsoft has also published a preview of the app for Android users with features similar to the iPhone version. To get the Android version, you’ll need to go to Office Lens Android Preview in the Google+ community, join said community then click “Become a Tester” under the “About” section.