One of the most interesting smartphones to be released last year was the YotaPhone 2, a device with an OLED display on the front, and an E Ink display on the back. While the phone was already packed with useful features that took full advantage of the second display, today the device gets even better.

First up, the YotaPhone 2 has received an over-the-air update that brings with it near-stock Android 5.0, which Yota says significantly improves the performance of the device. The software update also includes a range of new widgets for the rear E Ink display, including ones for popular social media services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

By putting more content on the 'always on' E Ink display, which can display static content without using a ton of power, the device's battery will last longer. Yota believes the phone can easily last for two full days before dying, which is an impressive claim for a flagship smartphone.

The YotaPhone 2 now costs significantly less as well, with the price having dropped from £555 (around US$870) to £440 (US$690) in the UK. The phone is also expected to reach the United States officially by this July, thanks to an Indiegogo campaign that's helping fund its cross-Atlantic journey.

Yota is also introducing a new white color option for the YotaPhone 2, which is mostly the same as the black model, just with a white rear panel and an E Ink display with inverted colors. The white model is now available for the same price as the black model.