In the name of being able to share links with the folks nearby in new and possibly useless ways, Google is introducing Tone. While we can already fire links around in traditional ways or just by coming in contact with other compatible devices, Google wants our devices to speak with one another literally. 

Google Tone is a new “experimental” Chrome extension that allows users to send out short blasts of audio, enabling them to communicate with nearby machines. Anyone’s device within mic distance (and has Tone installed and turned on) can receive the transmission. 

Simply hit the loudspeaker icon that appears on Chrome after the extension is installed, and the page your on will automatically be sent to nearby Tone users. By the looks of it just about any URL is fair game from YouTube videos, to pictures, news stories and documents. You’ll need to be logged in to your Google account, as your profile name and picture will be sent on the Tone notification to those receiving the transmission. 

Outside of that, you’ll need a strong internet connection to send and receive Tone broadcasts, along with a microphone and a fairly quiet space to pass them around in. Google notes that the feature may not work in loud spaces.

Google Tone is available now in the Chrome Web Store.