Low-end phones were traditionally what the name described: low-end. This included low RAM, a poor CPU, and various other low-end specs – as you would expect. But as technology gets better and cheaper, we're starting to see low-end smartphones becoming extremely capable devices, like the Moto G I reviewed last year. But when you couple that with China's extremely low prices, you end up with a smartphone like the one I'm reviewing today: the Elephone P6000.

If you haven't already, check out my first impressions and unboxing here for my initial thoughts and for an image gallery of the phone.


The device measures in at 71.6mm x 143.5mm x 8.9mm. It has a 5-inch display with 2mm bezels on the sides. The screen itself has its own bezel: an aluminum lining that wraps around the whole device. Unlike most other low-end smartphones, the Elephone P6000 actually has a unique design.

On the front, besides the display, you find three capacitive buttons at the bottom. Only the center button, which is a round halo, has backlighting but you will have no trouble using this to find the two light blue buttons flanking it. The center button also doubles as a notification light, slowlying fading in and out when there is a notification to check, and flashing if the battery is at a critical level. At the top of the screen we find the camera, ear speaker and proximity sensor.

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