Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be able to stream games from an Xbox One over a local network. Starting today, if you so happen to be running the Windows 10 Insider Preview and have an Xbox One lying around, you'll be able to test Xbox to Windows game streaming for yourself.

To get streaming, you'll need to be a member of the Xbox One preview program and have the same account set up on your Xbox and on your PC. Then you'll need to enable game streaming on your Xbox One running the latest preview OS, which will allow you to connect to a game through the Xbox on Windows 10 app on your PC.

Microsoft has full instructions for how to set up Xbox One to Windows 10 game streaming right here.

The company has also listed some interesting details relating to this Xbox One game streaming functionality. First of all, pretty much every game will be supported, except those that require Kinect or other "special" hardware. For games that meet the requirements, you'll need to plug in a controller to play, as keyboard and mouse inputs are not supported.

When you get a game up and running, most of the game's features will work as intended, including online multiplayer (so long as you have Xbox Live Gold) and voice chat. However, Xbox-specific features including Twitch streaming and GameDVR will be disabled, due to "technical constraints".

Finally, publishers will "have the right to opt out" of Xbox One to Windows 10 game streaming, however at this stage no company has explicitly opted out of the program.