The most common gesture from one driver to the next is probably the middle finger. Fortunately, not all drivers are jerks, a reality that one new startup is banking on.

MotorMood recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a product they hope will make driving a little more human and a lot more fun. MotorMood is an emoji that sticks to the inside of your vehicle's back window via reusable adhesive mount. Its accompanying IR remote resides on your sun visor like a garage door opener.

Pressing the button activates lights inside the emoji, illuminating it on the outside as a way to thank other drivers at night. Colors include blue, pink and green and are easy to switch out. Each press illuminates MotorMood for six seconds - enough time to give thanks to someone for letting you over without being annoying.

The emoji is powered by four AA batteries that should last the average user about six months. The remote takes a coin-style battery.

The idea of a powered decal isn't completely original although this is the first variant I've seen that's designed to complement other drivers and has a remote.

It's an extremely simple concept that's already getting a lot of support on Kickstarter. The MotorMood team is aiming to raise $130,500 to get the product off the ground. With 35 days remaining, they've already raised over $33,000.

A pledge of just $19 is all that's needed to guarantee you'll be one of the first to get MotorMood when it ships in December.