It's been just three weeks since Microsoft released Windows 10 to the public, but the company is back at it again with a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build for users on the Fast Ring.

Build 10525 isn't just a typical bug fix release: Microsoft has updated Windows 10's color options, allowing users to customize the look of the Start menu, Action Center, Taskbar and Title bars to better suit their preferences.

Build 10525 also includes improvements to the Memory Manager. Windows 10 will now compress unused pages when the system is running out of usable memory, which reduces the need to write to disk and keeps more apps in physical memory. This feature should be most useful on RAM-limited devices such as tablets.

There are a few known issues with Build 10525, such as Windows 10's mobile hotspot feature not working, which is why the build is only being released on the Fast ring. For those in the Insider Preview that want to check it out, it should be available to download now.

From here on, the Insider Preview will be used to test new feature additions and changes to Windows 10 before they reach the public. As Microsoft puts it, this is part of "building and delivering Windows as a service".