Tired of needing to leave your computer to go find your phone when it chimes in the other room? There’s a new app, for Android devices only, that lets you manage your smartphone right from Chrome. The free app, named Vysor, was created by Koushik Dutta, maker of other Android apps such as AllCast Rom Manager, Voice Plus and more.

Using the Vysor web app for Chrome is simple. Just launch the Chrome app, enable USB debugging on the phone and connect to the computer via USB. Then ADB connects to the mobile device, Vysor is installed, and the mobile screen appears on the Windows or Mac computer.

After that, Vysor is ready to be used to control the Android device. Use it on your own or share it with a group via Vysor Sync. One key difference, when looking at similar apps, is that with Vysor you don’t have to root your device to run the app.

Currently the app is in beta, so some glitches can be expected, but it works on Mac and Windows PC because the desktop component takes place inside Chrome.

Dutta writes in a Google Plus post that he sees Vysor as a developer tool - not just a way to avoid getting up from your computer.

He says, "Vysor gives you all the benefits of a physical device, but with the ease and integration of an emulator in your development environment."