Google partnered with action camera pioneer GoPro earlier this year on a new virtual reality initiative called Jump. Perhaps better described as a platform, Jump consists of a custom hardware rig known as Odyssey that uses an array of GoPro cameras to capture footage that’s then turned into 360-degree video for consumption on YouTube.

Odyssey, which consists of up to 16 action cameras arranged in a circle, was first shown off at Google’s I/O conference in May. Starting today, GoPro is accepting registrations from content creators interested in trying it out.

First things first, the price. An Odyssey kit will set you back a whopping $15,000 (the 16 GoPro cameras account for more than half of the cost) which will almost certainly limit it to professional content creators. The kit consists of the panoramic capture rig, 16 Hero4 Black cameras, 16 microSD cards, 16 array BacPacs, all of the necessary cables and a carrying case.

The Odyssey rig is capable of capturing spherical video at up to 8K resolution at 30 frames per second. The capture rig itself measures 11.6 inches in diameter, is 2.6 inches tall and tips the scales at 14.5 pounds.

Buyers also get the software assembler used to digitally stitch all of the video clips together.

On the registration page, GoPro says the rig will be available exclusively to qualified applicants due to its limited production run. It’ll begin shipping in November, we’re told.