Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has already been released on Xbox One, but when the remastered version of the original Gears of War game hits PC in the near future, it will bring even better graphics and a whole collection of new features.

For starters, Ultimate Edition on PC will include a number of DirectX 12 features to help improve performance and visual fidelity. The Coalition, developers of the title, are still using Unreal Engine 3 for the game, but they have integrated a DirectX 12 renderer with improved parallelization to make the most out of today's multi-core CPUs.

The game also harnesses some Unreal Engine 4 features, including physically-based rendering for more realistic shading, and HDR lighting through Lightmass. On top of that, the team has improved the game's models across the board, and have re-authored every texture to make the game look great on 4K displays.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on PC won't be a straight port from Xbox One: the frame rate will be uncapped, and gamers will be able to tweak a wide variety of settings including anti-aliasing (MSAA and FXAA will be supported) and ambient occlusion. The title will also ship with a built-in benchmark, which should come in handy for real-world DirectX 12 performance testing.

The PC version of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is expected to come out sometime in 2015, although no launch date has been specified.