Google Wallet has been around for a while but it lagged behind others like Square Pay and Venmo. Now, a redesigned version of Wallet is out and is reoriented to focus on making person-to-person payments easy. On September 10, Android Pay was launched -- Google's existing Wallet app reincarnated as a peer-to-peer payment service -- and now the iOS version is also available.

The app connects with your debit card or bank account and allows you to send cash to anyone in the U.S. with an email address. Upon receiving the money, you can transfer it to your bank, or use a free Google Wallet card to spend the money straight from the app.

The redesign for iOS makes it easier to view the Wallet balance and purchase history. According to the app listing, the update did away with support for gift cards, loyalty cards and other offers. The app will take up 33.4MB and requires iOS 7 or later versions to run.

Payments app are common now and this begs the question why we need another one, or a new version of one. For people who already have a Google account, using Google Wallet is easier than creating a new account with another payment app.

Sure, it's becoming easier and easier to use payment apps, but there are still questions about safety and security. The overwhelming response is to stop worrying about it so much, but connecting bank accounts and debit cards to an app is still enough to make some people run. If you're in the braver set, download the iOS or Android app now.