Microsoft has just launched a promotion where you can get some cash, up to $300 depending on the model, for trading in your old laptop when you purchase a new one running Windows 10.

If you're trading in an Apple MacBook or iMac, Microsoft will give you the full $300 as these devices carry the most re-sale value. Other laptops, 2-in-ones or all-in-ones will net you a fixed $200, and all devices traded in must still be in working condition, include a power supply, feature a screen larger than 11.3-inches, and be six years old or newer.

Of course to trade in your old laptop you'll first have to purchase a new, qualifying Windows 10 device from the Microsoft Store with a minimum purchase price of $599. There are over 50 models available on the Microsoft Store that qualify, although unfortunately none of Microsoft's Surface devices make the cut.

You'll also only have a short time to make a purchase, with the promotion running between October 14th, 2015 and October 20th, 2015. You will have a bit longer than that to submit an on-line trade-in claim (14 days from the purchase date).

While the above information refers to the United States trade-in promotion, Microsoft is also running a similar deal in the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Taiwan, India, and Brazil.

The cash you'll get for trading in your old laptop isn't much, and in some cases you might be able to get more by selling it yourself through eBay or Craigslist. However it could be a great way to get something for your six-year-old devices, as you can still get $200 for a device released in late 2009 that mightn't go for nearly that much in the second-hand market.