While most of Marshmallow will feel familiar if you’ve dabbled with Android devices before, there are some new twists that app developers need to know. Brush up on the newest and latest with this Android Expert's Coding Bundle -- and you can pay what you want to get it. In this bundle, you’ll get over 75 hours of instruction on all the best practices for app development using Marshmellow, including:

Master Marshmallow App Development Using Java: It’s your complete primer for app building. Follow step-by-step instructions to build your own calculator app, one to display a daily Top 10, even a customized YouTube video player.

Java Programming for Beginners: Java is a building block of web development, learn it from the ground up with this introductory course.

Java Essentials for Android: Understand Java data types, study strings, control structures -- all the features of Java and how they relate in the Android environment.

Build Android Apps with the Marshmellow Studio Course: How to create, manage and market apps as you build four different app projects to broaden your skill set.

Learn to Reskin Android Apps for Fun & Profit: Give an old game new life as you learn to reskin an existing game to give it a whole new life of your choosing. And once you’ve built it, you’ll also learn how to publish and attract attention to your new creation.

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