While AMD seems to be getting most of the attention for this year's second half with the introduction of the Athlon 64, Intel is showing they will have a busy schedule themselves, as well.

As was expected, Intel is preparing to introduce a 3.4 GHz chip code-named 'Prescott' that will bring new instructions to the P4 architecture and will double L2 cache (up to 1mb), CNet hints that given the architectural changes, a brand new name could be justified.
That's going to be as further as Intel will push the P4 technology this year with speedier CPUs planned to be launched Q1/04. That, as well as more price cuts, faster Celerons, improved Xeons and energy-efficient chips for slim notebooks.

I would recommend to read CNet's whole story for a quick outlook on how Intel is preparing for the rest of the year and 2004.