As one of the flagship features of Windows 10, it's no surprise to see Microsoft investing heavily in Cortana. After all, there's a lot of competition from other technology giants and the last thing Microsoft wants to do is fall behind the times.

On that note, Microsoft on Monday announced a couple of new Cortana features which it says will help users get more done throughout the day.

One area that Microsoft focused on is reminders. As Cortana Group Project Manager Marcus Ash explains, people often make promises to do things in e-mail but may forget about them as the days pass. Now, Cortana can scan you e-mail in search of commitments and remind you about them the next time you hop on the PC.

The second new feature is the ability for Cortana to help manage your calendar by providing basic insights.

For example, Microsoft's digital assistant can spot when you might have a meeting that falls outside of your normal work hours, one that conflicts with an existing meeting or one that is scheduled during your commute.

The new Cortana update is rolling out now to Windows Insider Program participants and will eventually find its way to all Windows 10 users. Those interested in joining the Insider program can learn more by clicking here.