The streaming music scene is really heating up. Apple Music crossed the 10 million paid subscriber threshold last month, Spotify is rumored to be approaching the 30 million listener mark and Tidal received exclusive rights to Kanye West's latest album this past weekend. All of this is in addition to the fact that Pandora may be looking for a buyer just months after it acquired assets from Rdio.

Given the competitive landscape, it should come as little surprise that obtaining paying subscribers is a top priority among those jockeying for position. Regardless of the industry, such fierce competition is almost always a "win" for the consumer.

That said, Spotify is running a new promotion in which it's offering up a free Chromecast for those that commit to three months of paid premium service up front at the standard rate of $9.99 per month ($29.97 total). Unfortunately, the offer only applies to new listeners as those that have subscribed to the premium or unlimited service in the past, are currently premium subscribers or have taken a trial offer aren't eligible.

For those that are eligible, Spotify says you'll receive an e-mail with a redemption code within seven days of signing up for the offer. Said code can then be used to "buy" the Chromecast from the Google Store. Codes must be redeemed before July 31, 2016, while the promotion itself runs through February 28 (or while supplies last).

If you've been looking to give Spotify a shot or are interested in buying a Chromecast, there's little reason to pass on this offer if you qualify. Even if you never use the Spotify subscription, you're still coming out ahead as a Chromecast retails for $35. Just remember that you'll need to cancel the subscription before the promotion runs out, otherwise you'll automatically become a paying monthly subscriber.

Those that aren't eligible still may be able to save some money each month as Spotify is one of several companies that offer deep discounts to students. Optionally, Target is offering a $10 gift card for anyone that buys a Chromecast through their site.

Sling TV offers a similar deal as those that commit to three months of service up front can receive a free Roku 2, half off the price of a Roku 3 or $50 off the cost of an Amazon Fire TV.