Sony recently announced that Remote Play and a host of other new features will soon be heading to the PlayStation 4 via firmware update (the beta is already live if you want to give that a shot). Not to be forgotten, Microsoft has also revealed details regarding its next update for the Xbox One which will deliver its own nifty features.

Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, Microsoft's director of programming for Xbox Live, shared the news in a recent blog post.

Late last year, Microsoft rolled out backward compatibility support for the Xbox One which allows for the playback of select Xbox 360 titles on the latest console. In the new update, Microsoft is making it easier to find and purchase backward compatible games by offering and storing them much the same way as new digital games are handled.

The update will also allow Party Chat to be used simultaneously with the Twitch app, permitting Party Chat participants to be included in the live broadcast if they so choose. What's more, Party Chats are also being expanded to allow for up to 16 people at any given time.

Elsewhere, gamers will now be able to track their Achievements easier through a dedicated section in the Xbox One guide, watch videos in the Activity Feed, customize game DVR recording length, follow web links and YouTube videos from Game Hubs, compare avatars and much more.

Members of Microsoft's Xbox One Preview program can get the update as of writing while everyone else will have to wait patiently as the staggered rollout unfolds over the coming weeks.