The SD association, the governing body behind memory card standards, recently launched a new speed class designed to service the high-speed needs of 4K, 8K, 3D and 360 degree video recordings.

The new Video Speed Class - part of the latest SD 5.0 specification - is the fastest speed class to date, delivering real-time multi-file recording for the highest video resolutions and qualities available. The minimum sequential write speed for Video Speed Class is 6MB/sec for a V6 card and 90MB/sec for a V90 card.

The SD Association says V6, V10 and V30 cards should be adequate for high-definition and 4K resolution work while the faster V60 and V90 cards are reserved for 8K content. Up to this point, the fastest cards offered in the UHS Speed Class topped out at a minimum sequential write speed of just 30MB/sec.

New memory cards will arrive with the Video Speed Class marking which consumers can match up to the markings on their devices. Personally, I spring for the fastest memory card I can (reasonably) afford at any given time to load into my digital camera.

If you've purchased a high-end SD card as of late, you're probably wondering why 90MB/sec is such a big deal when there are already cards on the market advertising write speeds of up to 95MB/sec. The key words here are "up to" whereas the new Video Speed Class cards are boasting "minimum" write speeds.

Lead Photoshopped image via PetaPixel