When Microsoft first announced their strategy of running one version of Windows across all devices, the biggest selling point was how "Universal Apps" would run on every platform without needing multiple versions. Developers would only need to create one app using the Universal framework and it would then work on desktops, tablets, smartphones, and even the Xbox One.

We've already seen Universal apps work across traditional platforms like desktops and phones, but it's taken some time for Microsoft to bring these apps to the Xbox One. Windows 10, along with full support for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), was released in late July last year, and the OS hit the Xbox One last November.

At GDC 2016, Microsoft's Jason Ronald revealed that Windows 10 apps will be coming to the Xbox One beginning this summer. The first step is essentially a merger of the Xbox Store and Windows Store, although it's not clear how closely Microsoft will monitor apps that are available on their console.

Some apps will need minor updates to better target the capabilities of the Xbox One, but in general, UWP apps should work just fine on the console thanks to the flexibility of the platform. Allowing these apps to run on the Xbox will also give developers better reach, as their apps will be available not just on PC, but on phones and the Xbox One as well.

Apps on Xbox One is one of the more exciting developments to happen to the Universal app platform this year, and it's good to see Microsoft take another step towards the goal they outlined many years ago.