Popular GPS navigation app Waze has added a new feature that will inform drivers if they are currently exceeding the speed limit on the road they're currently driving on.

Speed limits are visualized as a ring around the outside of the in-app speedometer, which gradually fills until the speed limit is reached. When the limit is exceeded, a warning appears at a user-defined threshold, such as 5, 10 or 15 percent above the limit, or at the speed limit itself.

The alert flashes the speed limit next to the speedometer, and it can also play a sound if you so desire. Waze stated in a blog post that this new feature should help drivers visiting unfamiliar places, where speed limit signs may not be obvious or may change with the seasons.

The feature will initially be available in a handful of countries, such as France, Netherlands, Brazil and Sweden, with more countries (including the United States) set to be added in the future.

Waze's speed limit warning feature isn't exactly new to GPS navigation apps, but it's interesting that the Google-owned company hasn't assisted the Google Maps team to implement a similar feature in their navigation tool. Clearly for now the two teams are working separately, with both Waze and Google Maps available as free downloads on Android and iOS.