Enough is enough. Microsoft and Google have agreed to drop all pending regulatory complaints waged against each other according to a report from Re/Code.

In a statement issued to the publication, Microsoft said it has agreed to withdraw its regulatory complaints against the search giant, a move that reflects its changing legal priorities. Google essentially echoed those sentiments. A representative said the two companies compete vigorously but they wish to do so on the merits of their products, not in legal proceedings.

Google hit the nail right on the head here.

By agreeing to a cease fire, the two companies will no doubt save a lot of money in legal fees (not to mention the headaches and long nights brought about by a sea of lawsuits). The newfound time, effort and money can be invested into areas that really matter - improving consumer products. When that happens, we all win.

Last fall, the two sides agreed to bring an end to their five-year patent dispute over video game and smartphone technology. That gentleman's agreement dismissed nearly 20 active lawsuits across Germany and the US.

Apple and Samsung agreed in 2014 to drop all litigation outside of the US, yet another step in the right direction for the technology industry.

One must give credit to the new regimes in place - Microsoft chief Satya Nadella and Google CEO Sundar Pichai - for creating an amicable atmosphere. Former bosses Steve Ballmer and Eric Schmidt, respectively, were seemingly at odds on a daily basis.