Google Chrome is a powerful, flexible browser but it isn't the most efficient one around. If you are using Windows 10, Microsoft hopes you'll give Edge a try instead, and is kicking off a campaign touting its power-saving capabilities over Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

The company took four laptops running Windows 10 and ran a series of tests to see which of the four would be most efficient. These tests include an automated cycle of opening sites, scrolling articles, watching videos, and opening new tabs, as well as observing how long the browsers can stream the same high-definition video continuously.

The results suggest Edge offers up to 53% more battery life on the first test, and between 17% to 70% more when it comes to video streaming. Keep in mind these tests are performed on controlled environments, but Microsoft also released telemetry data from tens of millions of real-world devices that shows Edge beating out Chrome and Firefox.

The company goes into more detail in a blog post about how it's building a more power efficient browser. The upcoming Anniversary Update of Windows 10 should bring even more power-saving enhancements for Edge thanks to fewer CPU cycles, less memory consumption, and controls on background activity and Flash ads.

While efficiency is certainly an important metric, Microsoft has a lot of work ahead of itself winning over users from Chrome and Firefox given Edge still lacks common features like extension support among others – though the latter is coming soon.