Uber on Monday launched its second streaming music integration, this time focusing its attention on drivers first courtesy of a new partnership with streaming Internet music provider Pandora.

As per the new deal, Uber drivers will receive a six-month subscription to Pandora One, the company's ad-free premium service that retails for $4.99 per month. The offer, the latest in a series of driver-oriented perks, is only available to drivers in the three countries in which Pandora operates: Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Uber drivers can access their complementary service within the Uber driver app and connect to their car's stereo system either wirelessly via Bluetooth or with a physical auxiliary cable.

If you recall, Uber joined forces with Spotify in late 2014 in a move that allowed riders with Spotify accounts to play their tunes through their Uber driver's car speakers.

The Pandora partnership is decidedly different in that it puts control of the listening experience in the hands of the driver - at least, early on. The benefit here of course is that drivers can listen to whatever they want, even if they don't have a fare in the vehicle. Naturally, it would be in the driver's best interest to cater their tunes to their customer - assuming of course that they want to listen to music during their commute.

Pandora says that riders registered with Pandora will soon get to play DJ so they can listen through the car speakers.

Image courtesy Engadget