We’ve seen... er, heard, Google’s artificial intelligence engine, Tensor Flow, help project Magenta compose original music in stunning fashion. Now, it’s time for Google’s Chinese counterpart, Baidu, to give it a shot.

As illustrated in the clip above, Baidu’s latest AI is able to study images and create compelling, original music that fits the image. In a recent interview with Tech in Asia, a Baidu representative said its AI creates music by deconstructing the various elements of an image then studies the individual elements (think colors, structures, people and so on).

Based on its analysis, the AI is able to determine the mood and sense of the image. It then leans on a massive database of musical scores that are categorized based on the type of emotion they personify.

For example, in the video above, the painting of running horses has a very strong, energetic and determined feel to it which is expressed perfectly in the audio track the AI created for it. Similarly, the AI did a great job with Vincent van Gogh’s classic, Starry Night, which (very) loosely reminds me of the “game over” screen from The Legend of Zelda.

As CNET highlights, Baidu is a massive force in China and one of three major Internet companies alongside Alibaba (the Amazon of China) and Tencent (a massive investment firm).