Virtual reality gamers, listen up! If you’ve been waiting for prices to come down to build out your VR game collection, now is the time to act as Valve has launched the first-ever VR Weekend Sale over on Steam.

As is the case with Valve’s well-known seasonal sales, the VR Weekend Sale offers a variety of titles at discounts ranging from 10 percent off games like Design it, Drive it: Speedboats and House of the Dying Sun all the way up to 88 percent off bloxyz.

Of course, the pool of games to choose from isn’t nearly as diverse as a traditional sale but that’s to be expected given the budding nature of VR gaming. A quick check reveals 182 total titles up for sale but what if you’re like me and not sure where to start? Fret not as Valve as put together what it describes as some of the best VR titles available in a single bundle.

The 20-game bundle includes Space Pirate Trainer, Vanishing Realms, Holopoint, Pool Nation VR, Final Approach, HoloBall, Battle Dome, Cloudlands: VR Minigolf, Hover Junkers, Audioshield, BLARP!, House of the Dying Sun, The Brookhaven Experiment, The Solus Project, SoundStage, Universe Sandbox, Fantastic Contraption, Gunjack, Inbound and theBlu – all for $251.42, an overall savings of 32 percent.

The Steam VR Weekend Sale runs through the weekend (duh) and ends Monday.