Big news in the music electronics industry today as Roland has agreed to purchase private, family-owned headphone maker V-Moda. Financial terms of the deal weren't disclosed although we do know that Roland is buying a 70 percent stake in the headphone maker.

As far as customer perception goes, the deal is more of a strategic partnership than anything.

Both Roland and V-Moda will continue to operate as separate companies. Val Kolton, who founded V-Moda 12 years ago, will retain his position as CEO and help Roland with its dance, DJ and electronic music divisions as a consultant. He will also hold on to the remaining 30 percent stake in V-Moda.

Warranties on V-Moda products will also remain intact, we're told.

Kolton said the partnership is not strictly a business deal, but rather a strategic synergy that will bridge the high-quality sound, materials and design of its products with the legendary genre-changing sound expertise and commitment to excellence from Roland.

Roland CEO Jun-ichi Miki said they're pleased to welcome V-Moda to the Roland family, adding that their Milano design, material research and professional DJ roots along with their loyal customers are incredible assets for Roland.

As The Verge notes, V-Moda has done well for itself over the years, developing a solid reputation that's illustrated via its many positive customer reviews on Amazon. Roland, meanwhile, has been in business since the early 1970s and is a renowned brand in the world of music.

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