As we all know, the RIAA's promise to sue every last P2P user who deals in mp3s (pretty much every P2P trader on the net) or other copyrighted media is complete and utter bunkum... But now, an avid reader of The Inquirer has done their sums, and realised that it will in fact take over two thousands years for the RIAA to carry out its threat.

"I pulled out my calculator to see just how long it would take the RIAA to sue all 60 million P2P music file traders at a rate of 75 a day. 60,000,000/75 = 800,000 days to subpoena each person or 800,000 days/365 days in a year = 2191.78 years to subpoena each person".

However, judging from the completely ridiculous things that the RIAA have been coming out with (in this reporter's opinion), they may still give it a good shot, even if it is a battle that will take longer to run its course than the time that has elapsed since the birth of Christ.

Of course, that's not to say that you won't be one of the very unlucky ones who will get picked on, just so an example can be made of you.... Anyone dealing in illegal media swapping should at least be aware that they are breaking the law, and that they COULD be caught and sued.... But will everyone be sued in the end? Maths seems to cast doubts as to the likelihood of this happening effectively....

"When might this actually start affecting us? When 1 out of every 10 is affected? That would mean they'd have to sue six million people. That would take,...(6,000,000/75 = 80,000)... 80,000 days.. or 219 years! They'd have to sue our great grand children!"

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