Like No Man's Sky and who is the best Game of Thrones character (Tyrion, obviously), the iPhone 7 is already causing heated arguments. Some early reviews say the 7 and 7 Plus handsets are great devices that will be adored by Apple fans, while others claim there simply isn't enough new features to warrant an upgrade, especially with next year's iPhone 8 rumored to launch with an entirely new design.

And then there's the removal of the headphone jack, something that pretty much everybody - apart from Apple execs - seems to think was a bad idea. iPhone 7 owners who want to use wired headphones and charge the phone simultaneously will have to use an extra dongle, which isn't a great solution.

So, for this weekend open forum, we want to know your thoughts on the iPhone 7. Would you buy one? How do you think it compares to the top-end Android devices? Has Apple shown a lack of innovation? Will the absence of a 3.5mm connection become a common theme among future smartphones, and will dropping it from the iPhone hurt sales? Whatever your thoughts, do let us know.