Having the capability to produce as much as 1.8 million graphic cards per month, Sapphire Technologies happens to be one of ATI’s primary OEM partners.

Today we are examining their Radeon 9800 Atlantis Pro; with a board design that resembles ATI's reference a lot, the Atlantis offers 9800 Pro's outstanding performance packed with a great bundle, high quality parts (good for o/cing) & Sapphire's warranty to back it up, at an acceptable price point.


Given that we took a look to predecessors' (R300) performance not so long ago, we will focus the review in a "9800 vs. 9700" fashion.

The obvious question is however, what this card offers over the 9500-9700 core (R300 vs. newer R350)... you have been hearing "not much"; we give you the details written on paper, and the numbers.

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