Twitter recently announced the acquisition of Yes Inc., a small startup from the Bay Area led by Keith Coleman who will now serve as Twitter's VP of Product. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Yes Inc. up to this point has release just two apps. Frenzy is designed to ease the burden of making plans with friends while WYD sounds a lot like a condensed version of Snapchat with some Facebook-esque features mixed in.

Coleman and his seven-person team will be joining Twitter although some in the tech community are already questioning the acquihire. That's because Coleman will be helping to lead a platform (Twitter) that he seemingly doesn't have much experience with.

As The Verge notes, Coleman's Twitter history consists of just 145 tweets - a pretty small figure considering the fact he joined in mid-2007. Coleman seemingly gave up on Twitter later that year as there's a seven-year gap in which he posted nothing at all.

His frequency slowly climbed this past summer and into the fall, perhaps knowing that he might soon land a job with the social network. That's pure speculation as it could also simply be a coincidence but I digress.

With Coleman and crew heading to Twitter, the two aforementioned apps Yes Inc. has launched will be shut down in the coming weeks.

Twitter has been without a permanent VP of Product since June when the position was vacated by Jeff Seibert who elected to return to his role at with Fabric, the company's mobile developer platform.

Image courtesy Dado Ruvic, Reuters