The mobile phone patent war rages on as Nokia has filed numerous lawsuits against Apple for allegedly violating previous patent agreements. Originally filed in two countries and concerning 32 patents, the suits have now been filed globally in 11 different countries and pertain to at least 40 different inventions. They cover displays, user interfaces, mobile software, wireless antennas, chipsets, and video coding. Years of failed negotiations have culminated in a week of legal action on both sides. 

Apple and Nokia entered into a licensing agreement back in 2011 for Apple to use some Nokia inventions in their products. Nokia's lawsuits follow other legal actions made by Apple earlier in the week accusing Nokia of colluding with other companies to extort large revenues from their dealings with Apple.

Apple responded to the lawsuit in part by saying they respect intellectual property and are willing to pay a fair price for the rights to the patents in question. Calling Nokia a patent troll, Apple went on to claim that Nokia applied a royalty rate to Apple's own inventions and was using that to extract money from inventions they had nothing to do with.

Nokia's statement claims they are just taking legal action to defend their rights. Shares of Nokia dropped 2% as analysts worry a patent battle with Apple could cripple the company if it goes poorly.

Apple hasn't done too well in patent trials recently. They were ordered to pay more than $300 million in October to VirnetX for patent infringement. In September Apple was ordered to pay $22 million to patent licensing firm Acacia, one of the players in today's battle against Nokia.