Let's face it, we've all done it before. You start cooking something then get interrupted or walk away only to come running back minutes later to the smell of burnt food. Losing track of time in the kitchen can not only lead to blackened food, it can also start a fire. General Electric and Nest believe they have a solution. They have announced a new integration between their smart products to help keep you safe and your food edible.

The Nest Protect smoke detector will now be compatible with GE's line of internet connected ovens. The Nest Protect will constantly monitor the air around the kitchen. If it knows the oven is on and it senses smoke, it can send a command to the oven to shut off. GE's kitchen app can also send you a mobile notification informing you of your disaster. This feature is available now after you pair the two smart devices on the Kitchen app.

CES 2017 will certainly have a large number of Internet of Things devices and solutions to problems you never knew existed.

Netatmo just announced a new smart smoke detector that is compatible with IFTT programming and Apple's HomeKit platform. Whirlpool announced that it is teaming up with Amazon to deliver Amazon Alexa integration with its line of washers, dryers, ovens, and fridges. This allows for voice control of all your connected devices. You can ask Alexa how long until the cake is done cooking, how long the dryer has been running, what's the temperature of your fridge, and so on.