Few things are more enjoyable to gearheads than performing a massive burnout. From the feel of all that power on tap to the smell of burning rubber, there's something immensely satisfying about both performing a burnout and witnessing one.

Aside from a handful of gimmicks, however, most burnouts are pretty standard in that all you see after just a few seconds is a massive plume of smoke. What's going on behind the wall of smoke often remains a mystery... that is, until you break out the $40,000 FLIR T1K thermal camera.

Using a Honda S2000, YouTube channel Engineering Explained shows how the tread surface of the car's tires climb from around 19 degrees Celsius to over 160 degrees in less than five seconds while performing a burnout.

The specialized camera even shows the heat generated on the ground and the red-hot bits of melted rubber as they're shredded from the tires. The brake rotors also warm up rather quickly, heating up to over 300 degrees Celsius - very cool.

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