Earlier this year I wrote about a new game in the works from former Rockstar North studio lead Leslie Benzies. Tentatively called Everywhere, the game is to be a massive open-world affair in which you can do pretty much anything and everything you can think of – a real “life” simulator, if you will.

Everything is similar in both name and concept.

Created and developed by David OReilly, Everything is a procedurally generated simulation game in which you get to “be” things.

Different levels of magnification bring you into a whole new world. In the trailer above, for example, we’re shown the world on the human scale as a bear but zooming in down to the level of grass and plants reveals a whole new universe of bustling life.

Keep zooming in and things keep getting smaller. Zoom out and you get a larger scale of the world, solar system, galaxy and so on.

You can be anything you want to be and transform anything in the game to anything else. Want to replace trees with horses? Go for it. Want to change every single object in the universe to horses? Have at it. Plus, you don’t have to actively play. If you leave the controller alone, the game plays automatically and can do so for weeks at a time. It’s a fascinating concept for a game.

Perhaps more impressive is the fact that the development team consists of just three people. That said, there are plenty of limitations although given its $15 price point, many of those can probably be forgiven.

Everything is out now for PlayStation 4 and coming to Windows and Mac on April 21.