SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk said during a speaking engagement last month that if humans don’t do something radical to advance our relationship with machines, we’re destined to become irrelevant.

On Monday, we learned just how serious the entrepreneur is about technological augmentation.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Musk has launched a new company called Neuralink that is pursuing what he calls neural lace technology.

As explained in February, humans today can communicate at a rate of about 10 bits per second by typing on mobile devices. Computers, on the other hand, can talk amongst themselves at around a trillion bits per second. Key to keeping pace with advanced machines will be creating a high-speed link – neural laces – between them and our brains.

Sources tell the publication that Musk has taken an active role in setting up Neuralink and may even hold a significant leadership role.

Max Hodak, who claims to be a co-founder in the company, confirmed its existence and Musk’s participation with the Journal. It’s still very early days, he noted, adding that plans remain in flux for now.