An industry-leading virtualization solution, Citrix and its services make businesses borderless by allowing their teams to work remotely with the tools they need. Of course, these solutions need IT pros to help them run seamlessly, and that's where the Citrix Xen Cloud Mastery Bundle comes in.

Featuring three courses in XenServer, XenApp, and XenDesktop, this collection will show you how to create an extensive server virtualization and hypervisor management platform that reduces costs for businesses. Dive in, and you'll learn how to implement XenServer 6.5 and manage app and desktop solutions with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6.

Once you complete the entire collection, you'll have a solid understanding of Citrix virtualization services and stand a stronger chance at landing a six-figure salary.

Now, the Citrix Xen Cloud Mastery Bundle normally retails for $999, but you can get it on sale for only $39, saving more than 90 percent off.