It has been really crazy at the boards for the last couple of days. With the spread of the Blaster worm it came some googling action and 60,000+ users being redirected to TechSpot for related information. Glad to inform that our server was able to keep up really well, there we go with all the optimizations done to our little box.

Now, where I was going. We recently put up a new 'Hot Deals' section at TechSpot Forums, a few readers have already been contributing with deals from around the web and I hope the new board ends up being a great resource for you to check on a daily basis.
Among some of the deals posted so far, we have Kingston PC2700 memory at dirty cheap prices, a 64mb USB key from Lexar for $9.99, Antec Performance II ATX case w/ 400W PSU for $80.... some of this are after instant or mail-in-rebates, still well worth a look.

And speaking of great deals, in case you missed my post two days ago, we have partnered with to offer free magazine subscriptions for TS readers. These publications are free, with no trial offers or hidden charges.

In a somewhat unrelated note, yesterday night I ended up with a dead monitor and videocard. The first already went RMA but the second I got directly from a manufacturer (and I believe was fried by the faulty monitor), in any case I will be looking for a new board to get in the coming days, perhaps ATI's latest and maddest, but who knows.